Dredging vessels or dredgers are used to remove or redistribute materials submerged under water. A dredge, which is the major equipment that is used for dredging, is fixed on each of these vessels. The reason for dredging is for managing waterways or for commercial purposes like extracting materials for building and other purposes. However, no matter the type of use a dredger will be put to, there is always a dredge for charter out there.

There are different types of dredgers and each of them is specially designed for a particular purpose. There is the suction dredger which is used to move sand, which has been pulled away by tide, from the sea bed back to the beach. It features a funneling device which blows up the extracted sand from the sea bed directly to the beach through an inbuilt system. On the other hand, a trailing suction dredger loads the extracted materials in a storage portion of the vessel and then deposit it at a designated site when it is full.

Moreover, there is the cutter suction dredger which features a suction tube with a cutting head which can be used for cutting hard surface materials like rock. It is generally used to dig out rock instead of blasting it and the dredged soil is drawn by using a pump which is then transferred from the dredger into a dredging barge through a pipe. Some dredgers can also be used for harvesting fishes and other sea creatures. They are specially designed for that purpose and they can harvest a large amount of sea food at a very short time.

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