Boiler making is a very versatile, underutilised and widely misunderstood trade. This skill is actually not one that is widely taught anymore, even as demand for a boiler makers specific skills is set to rise in the future due to Australia’s impressive mining boom.

Below is a brief explanation of what a boilermaker actually does. This will help you better understand this specialised trade and ensure you best know how to employ the skills of these individuals in the future.


Of course, a boilermaker is first and foremost skilled at fabricating industrial boilers. Whilst a boiler maker may sound quite old fashioned, they are in fact still used in industry and larger commercial building complexes. The most common type of machinery they help maintain is obviously, a steam boiler. These boilers rely on high pressures when creating steam and hot water for use in heating large buildings. As you may well be aware, having hot water and steam stored under pressure is a very dangerous proposition. This means that boilers must be expertly crafted and maintained in order to avoid tragic accidents.

It is the traditional job of a boiler maker to fabricate and maintain these pressure vessels using their advanced welding skills. However, as you will see below, there is also a far wider range of applications for these skills outside boiler fabrication and maintenance.

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