The average person’s impression of how metal is welded is that you simply fire-up a blow torch and run it along the edge of a metal seam to weld it together. Or they probably think you can just run that same torch across any kind of metal and cut through it, like in the safe-cracker movies. But the reality is that professional welding actually involves some fairly extensive knowledge, and is somewhat of an art form that takes many years of experience to master. Even so, if you are wanting to learn, you can start with a few simple techniques. Once you’ve mastered the basics and have a beginner’s idea, you can then move on to the more complicated skills that take longer to master.

Safety Precautions

Before you ever start any project, always think about safety precautions first. Equipment and supplies can be replaced; you cannot be replaced. You may think that getting burned is the worst thing that can happen in a welding accident. However, damage to your eyes can occur from the intense light that comes from the process. Some metal welding techniques make use of high voltage electricity to create a weld, which always raises the possibility of electrocution or death if the you are careless. As you start any welding project, be sure to wear a proper helmet to protect your eyes, head and hair. And don’t forget protective gloves and clothing. Lastly, be sure to read and follow all safety precautions written by the manufacturer of the particular metal welding equipment you are using.

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