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When you say commercial construction you are actually talking about several different types of workers who do different types of work. If you want to work in the field of commercial construction you will have many choices of work types to choose from.

There are highly educated people in the commercial construction trades. All commercial construction projects start with blue prints and the blue prints are drawn by architects. You have to have a college degree to plan and execute a preliminary set of blue prints for a job. You can be taught to read the prints without attending college, but it is helpful to have taken some drafting courses if you want to work on the planning and staging portions of large construction projects.

An electrician must go to school to learn their trade and get a license to wire buildings in their work. Schooling to get an electrical contractor’s license will not take as long as schooling to become an architect. All buildings need electrical wires, outlets, and things that an electrician installs so this is a field of employment that almost always has a job available.

Welders are used on many of the high rise construction projects. The beams that are put into place to form the structure are either welded in place or they are fitted into place by pipe fitters. A welder must go to school to learn to operate the equipment safely and learn to be able to make the different types of welds needed. A weld must pass inspection so the person doing the job has to know what they are doing. Welders make good money and believe it or not, there are as many women welders as there are male welders in the world.

The general carpenter works with wood and wood products. They use more manual tools than some of the other construction fields do. You do not need to have a license to be a carpenter, but you will need good math skills, and you will have to work your way up from the helper position to that of master craftsman.

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